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Chrome Roller

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The chrome roller is a tool that is used to gentle roll or massage the skin on your face and neck to increase blood flow. The increase of blood flow helps with lymphatic drainage and puffiness, calming and soothing if you got a skin treatment done or have inflammation within the skin, improve dark circles under the eyes, and can also help your face to look more contoured. You can also put in the freezer to make it a cold roller that helps calming and soothing as well as puffiness!

How to Use: 

When using a roller on the face, you always want to go up and/or out from the center of the face. Think of it as lifting and contouring. Please see diagram picture for further instructions. An instruction card will also come with each roller!

How to Clean:

Wipe the roller down with a moist wipe or alcohol then pat dry with a towel after each use